VIDEO | CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin | 18,000 Container Ship passes Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco CA

Video of Container Ship CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin passing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California on the way to the Port of Oakland.
(video by Robert James, RXJ.TV)

CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is the largest container ship to dock in the U.S.A. at a capacity of 18,000 containers (14,000 was previous record)

CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin arrived at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, CA Sat. Dec. 26, 2015 and then docked at the Port of Oakland on New Year’s Eve Day at 10:30a.m. Dec 31, 2015.

Statistics for CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin

  • Explorer Class Container Ship
  • 18,000 container capacity (14,000 previous U.S. record capacity)
  • (including) 1500 reefer containers
  • All containers placed in a line would equal the distance between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara
  • Maximum load capacity volume of 235 Olympic pools (590,000 cubic meters)


  • 1310 ft long (Longer than Empire State Building is tall)
  • 177 ft wide (Wider than American Football field)
  • 197 ft high (20 story building)
  • Highest antenna is 230ft


  • Produces as much energy as 900 Ford Focus cars
  • 21 knots thrust is equivalent to that of 11 Boeing 747-400 engines (3,000 KNewton)
  • Electric production of a city of 16,000 inhabitants (14MWatts)


The crew of this self-run enterprise comprises 26 members who operate the various facets of the vessel including its own waste recycle system, chef, and swimming pool, etc.


Builder: Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Heavy Industry, China

Completed: December 4, 2015

Port of Registry: London, United Kingdom

Operator: CMA CGM, Marseille, France


Video Background Locations:

Angel Island, Tiburon, CA

Tiburon, California

Marin County


San Francisco

Visit the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin page at RXJ.TV >>


CMA CGM Website:

Wikipedia Entry:


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