NETFLIX | Slingshot : Segway inventor’s quest to solve the world’s safe water crisis

SlingShot focuses on inventor Dean Kamen and his 15-year quest to solve the world’s safe water crisis.

This indefatigable man just might have enough passion, will, and innovative thinking to create a solution for a crisis affecting billions.

An eccentric genius with a provocative worldview, Kamen takes on grand-challenges one invention at a time, helping people in need. Half of all human illness comes from water-borne pathogens. Kamen’s SlingShot is an energy-efficient machine that turns any unfit water (seawater, poisoned wells, river sludge…) into pure, safe water – no chemicals or filters needed.

Recently, Kamen allied himself with Coca-Cola . Will Kamen’s technological know-how combined with Coke’s global reach be a powerful enough force to address this global challenge?

SlingShot is both an inspirational character study and a look at the trajectory of Kamen’s vapor compression distiller from its earliest development through recent trials in rural Ghana and beyond.

Available on Netflix now.

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