CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is the largest container ship to visit the U.S.A. at a capacity of 18,000 20ft containers (previously 14,000 containers was the maximum)

Statistics for the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin

  • 18,000 container capacity (14,000 previous U.S. record capacity)
  • (including) 1500 reefer containers
  • All containers placed in a line would equal the distance between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara
  • Maximum load capacity volume of 235 Olympic pools (590,000 cubic meters)


  • 1310 ft long (Longer than Empire State Building is tall)
  • 177 ft wide (Wider than American Football field)
  • 197 ft high (20 story building)
  • Highest antenna is 230ft


  • Produces as much energy as 900 Ford Focus cars
  • 21 knots thrust is equivalent to that of 11 Boeing 747-400 engines (3,000 KNewton)
  • Electric production of a city of 16,000 inhabitants (14MWatts)


The crew of this self-run enterprise comprises 26 members who operate the various facets of the vessel including its own waste recycle system, chef, and swimming pool, etc.


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